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Student ID: KUL30722
flag Germany
Female, Age 16
Language: German
Religion: Catholic
Hobbies: Cooking
Sports: Soccer, Soccer

Dear future host family.

My name is Luca and I'm a 14 year old girl from Germany. I live with my mom, my younger sister and my little dog. My parents got devorced when I was in fourth grade. At first I couldn't understand why and I wanted to get them to get back together but with time I learned that sometimes it's better when people fall out of love. I also learnd That it is important to talk about my problems and feelings that's why I would talk to you if something is wrong or if I felt homesick. Another thing I've learned is to listen to someone elses problems and be patietly. But now let's move on with my hobbies. My hobbies are playing soccer, listening to music and meeting my friends and here are some reasond why. One of my hobbies is soccer for about five years now. I have training twice a week plus one match on each weekend. The reason why I love soccer is, because it's a team sport which I like way better than individual sport. I have to admit that my team wasn't always as good as we are now because in the verry beginning we lost like every single match but now we are winning most of our matches. But I have to say that we never won a cup but that's fine because everyone has fun in our team and from my point of view that's more important than winning something. I love listening to music because you can kind of express your feelings just by listening to someone elses words. The reason why I love meeting my friends is because we have the same kind of humore and I can do things with them I can not do with my sister. One simple reason is that I can talk about things I just do not wan to talk about with my mom or my sister. And now the big question why an exchange and why the USA? So when I was in kindergarden (little fun fact kindergarden is a german word and means exactely the same) my aunt told me for the first time about her exchange in Canada. A few years passed and when I was at primary school I decided to do an exchange when I'm old enough. I think I choosed the USA because I always wanted to vist the USA and I watched a lot of High school movies and I wanted to know if High School is really like that. But that was two or three years a go Luca. Now I want to do an exchange because I want to improve my english, learn something about your culture/ traditiones and I want to see if there are some differences between Germany and the USA. Maybe you can teach me coocking some traditional dishes or your favourite meal and so can I. For me family is verry important because I have a really strong connection to them. We always have lunch on friday together. With we, I mean my grandma and aunt from my mothers side, my mother and my sister. We always spend our summer vications in the Netherlandes together. I would love to spend a lot of time with you for instance just go out for a walk, have a movie night or something else. I just want to spend ten moths with people i can call my 2 family. I'm loocking forward for meeting you.


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